Product Type: Antennas
Frequency 1: 800 - 2700 MHz
PRODUCT FEATURES • All types of antennas used in wireless communica?ons are available upon request • Wide frequency range of opera?on • Mul?tude of Gain op?ons available • Low VSWR and PIM3 ra?ngs • Useful for indoor and outdoor applica?on as per requirement
Product Type: RF cable
PRODUCT FEATURES • All types of cables and jumpers available on request • RF cables are available in Feeder, Radia?ng, low-loss and fire-resistant variants • Jumpers are available with Super-Flex cable op?ons • Low A?enua?on, PIM3 and VSWR ra?ngs • Completely customizable connectors available on either ends of cables and jumpers
Product Type: Connector
PRODUCT FEATURES • All types of connectors and adaptors used in wireless communica?ons available on request Low A?enua?on, Inser?on Loss, PIM3 and VSWR ra?ngs
Product Type: Amplifier
Mul?-Carrier Power Amplifier is an intui?ve solu?on to provide higher downlink coverage and enhanced uplink sensi?vity. It can be conveniently deployed for coverage extension of exis?ng networks. This product can be easily added to the exis?ng infrastructure of BTS without much impact to the network expenses. • High performance with Easy deployment and maintenance, low cost and high reliabil
Product Type: Amplifier
Frequency 1: 800 - 2170 MHz
Tower Mounted Booster is an innova?ve solu?on to extend exis?ng cellular coverage. The basic principle of the TMB is to provide higher downlink coverage at the same ?me improve uplink sensi?vity in the cellular network. The product is easily added to the exis?ng infrastructure without majorly affec?ng the opera?onal expenses. • High performance with easy deployment and maintenance, low cos
Product Type: Enclosure Kit
Frog Cellsat’s range of outdoor enclosures provides instant solu?on for space requirements up to 48RU in a very compact space. Our range of enclosures is completely “made-to-order” with customized op?ons and accessories. • Easy deployment, light weight, low cost, high reliability and greater flexibility. • 4RU(Half-rack) to 48RU amount of space readily available with our products. • Aesthe?c we
Product Type: RF products
Frog Cellsat’s Cell on Wheels solu?on is an innova?ve solu?on to rapidly deploy and extend mobile network in need of increased coverage and capacity. Our solu?ons are used in mission cri?cal opera?ons to provide real-?me communica?ons support. • High performance with easy deployment, maintenance and high reliability. • Installed in a compact space of 14 x 4.5 x 6.2 (meters). Customized siz